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About Mr Greeny

Mr Greeny is an education consultancy specialising in sustainable development, whose vision is:

"To nurture the first generation of sustainable citizens"

Mr Greeny recognises the short-term need to effect a long-term, widespread social change; a change that will preserve a good quality of life for our relations in the future; and a change that we maintain can be brought about in schools, where the potential to make a difference is greatest.

Our Consultants

All Mr Greeny consultants are qualified teachers in a range of subjects with additional understanding of sustainability in education. Bruno Reddy, Director, is a maths teacher with experience of stakeholder engagement, communicating sustainability issues, developing schemes of work, and carrying out sustainability appraisals.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to becoming a caring school, which is why we advocate a delivery framework that includes leaders, teachers and pupils. Our guiding principle is called Heads, Hearts and Hands and it shapes everything we do.


Throughout every project, particularly at the inception stages, we believe it is fundamental to involve the school leadership team. The vision belongs with the headteacher and their senior team. The question that Mr Greeny will help you to answer is "how do we raise achievement through sustainable development?"

Once an audit of the campus, curriculum and community is carried out, we define objectives for the school, identify the performance indicators for benchmarking ourselves against, and we establish targets for the future. Only then will the team know enough to answer our question.


At the heart of the school, lying between the head and the hands, are the teachers. Teachers are the agents of change, and as such it is vital that they understand not only the hows of sustainability in education but the whys. As a teacher, before I can ask how do I teach sustainability in my lessons, I need to understand why is it important. "Why must pupils learn about caring for the environment? It sounds like more work to me."

Mr Greeny has expertise in communicating a vision and gaining support through discussions in specialism groups. Once we have covered the 'whys' we are in a position to develop the 'hows', through a series of INSET sessions, ideas workshops and curriculum integration meetings.


Pupils are actively involved in the onward transition to a caring school, devising and participating in an enriching learning programme that is centered around the 8 doorways of sustainable schools. Pupils will learn to identify, interpret and interrogate unsustainable practices. "How do I know that food is nutritious? How can I make a difference to others who are less fortunate than me? How is it possible to reduce my waste?"

Mr Greeny has a growing bank of resources, including videos, lesson plans, props, activity packs and internet content that will appeal to the three main learning styles and can be organised to suit the audience, from KS3 to A-level.