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What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development and sustainability are short-hand for 'improving everything we do while caring for the planet.'

Case Studies

Read about some of the schools we've been working with:

Camden School for Girls

Sustainable Schools

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Mr Greeny offers a diverse range of consultancy services - from benchmarking and auditing to developing learning resources and delivering activities - that will be tailored to suit each school. Our thorough Heads, Hearts and Hands approach ensures that we identify the full spectrum of opportunities and issues in any school context, be it carbon emissions, lesson plans or procurement policies. We work closely with all stakeholders (pupils, parents, governors, headteachers, teachers, support staff, classroom assistants, and the LEA) to fulfil our vision and are committed to raising standards through sustainable development.

School Leaders

Our focus for school leaders is strategy.

Mr Greeny will co-lead a process of facilitated self evaluation; strategising; action; and measurement. The self-evaluation is just like an Ofsted SEF, covers the 8 doorways in the government's sustainable schools strategy and appraises the school campus, curriculum and community. At each step of our collaboration, we would expect to engage the senior leadership team, governors and the school council and we advocate a policy of transparency and regular reporting throughout.

School Teachers

Our focus for school teachers is empowerment.

The services Mr Greeny offers to teaching staff are designed to add value to their work and support them in making their school a caring one. Science, humanities, citizenship, RE, food technology, maths, ICT, business studies, economics, sociology, psychology, PE, leisure and tourism, engineering, construction in the built environment, design and technology are all subjects with a genuine link to sustainability. As it is a cross-cutting topic with everyday relevance, when sustainable development is integrated into the lesson it enriches pupils' learning experience. We will collaborate with subject leaders across the 11-19 curriculum to identify opportunities for embedding sustainability in their schemes of work.


Our focus for pupils is learning by doing.

This is the hands-on stage of delivery in which sustainability is embedded in the learning, whether in the classroom, in the canteen, the playground, the theatre, or in the corridor. We will research together, plan together, act together. We might create travel plans, set up recycle teams, provide a Fairtrade breakfast, organise water relief for a community in the third world, plant a garden, coordinate eco-teams or launch an awareness campaign in our neighbourhood.